Pump Gas topic

Let’s talk about the fuel problems we have out of the pump. 87 octane is about the only fuel worth buying out of the pump, any octane higher is not purchased enough to recirculate through the tanks underground. The other day I got 93 and put it in a carbureted bike that I had just rebuilt the carb and the carb started leaking gas after I got it through the fuel pump to the carb. I had drained the tank prior to putting the 93 in, so that was all that was in the tank. I siphoned the 93 back out and had spilled some on the floor. The puddle stayed there all day. I had gotten fresh 87 and pored some on the concrete floor next to the 93 and the 87 evaporated with in 20 mins. The 93 still left a stain on the floor. I ran the bike again to get the 87 to the carb and eventually the carb stopped leaking. So I don’t know if the problem with the fuel is that it sit’s in the pump tanks for to long or they are adding some kind of additive to make it last longer in the tank so it doesn’t go to waist. The other problem is the ethanol in the pump gas. I have looked into the effect’s of ethanol mixed with gas and have found that after around 30 days if sitting , the ethanol goes through a phase separation, witch means that the ethanol separates from the gas and drops to the bottom on your tank. So over time you will start your bike and it will not run right. This is because you are burning straight alcohol. People tell me all the time that they start there bike periodically but need to realize that the same gas is still in the tank going bad. We how have lived the non-ethanol years are used to gas lasting 6 months to a year and engines starting right up. The government has implemented 10% of ethanol in pump gas to save from having to buy so much from over seas but with the thought in mind that it wouldn’t sit in tanks for very long. So the only remedy for us ATV , and this goes for anything that’s sit’s with gas in it, is to use non-ethanol fuel. Most cities have it at propane sites but will not pump it directly into a car, has to be in gas cans. If not available , siphon the fuel out and put fresh in when you are ready to use it.