I have to remind myself.

I have to remind myself that not every customer understands what I am telling them about what is wrong with there ATV. Had a customer with a bike that would not start or crank, needed a battery, fuel pump, carb. cleaning and some fresh fuel. After getting it to start and run, it starts to burn oil out the exhaust pipe. I called him and told him that it is burning oil and he responded with , how do you fix that. Apparently this bike had been burning oil for quite some time and he thought it was ok. Well the next question was well how much to fix it and he couldn’t afford to fix it. Well the next problem was that the idle changed with the temperature of the engine because the wide ring gaps would close up with the engine getting hotter and the vacuum would increase through the carburetor and pull more fuel. So he expected to have a perfectly running bike for the price of just getting it running somewhat. It is very difficult do deal with a customer that has know knowledge of mechanical issue’s and has a worn out rig that needs a lot of work and they can’t afford it. I also get a lot of people that by cheap used bikes and don’t understand why they got it cheap. I have had bike’s that where bought for $800 to $2700 . The $800 ones usually need about $1000 of work and the $2700 ones need $3500 worth of work to get them to were they can be rode reliably. The sad part is these people don’t know what there looking at when they go look at it and it’s all they can afford. I had one customer buy a used bike that had a hose going through the top of the air filter so you could spray ether to the throttle body to get it running and the guy selling it showed him how to do it and he bought it for $2600. With repairs and some mods he put $4000 more dollars in it, why. With a little bit more money, buy new. I cringe when I see them come in because I want it to go out running and driving right but is there wallet big enough. My question to myself is, why did you buy this worn out bike. The biggest trick to dealing with this is to be up front with the customer and tell them it could get expensive to get this bike right and I will have to charge for the time that it takes to figure out what the cost is gonna be to make it right. Sometimes thinks have to be replaced to see what is worn out farther down. Some people think that just because it starts and runs, it’s a great deal but go ride it for a day and it falls apart.


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