Big project completed

This was a 3 month project that included a 6″ lift kit, frame braces, 32″ tires on 17″ wheels, 5 speaker stereo system with 1000 watt amp and full head unit,extra battery with isolator,4000lb warn winch with cordless remote,1180 big bore kit with race cams,power commander fuel tuner, cat delete exhaust with modified stock mufflers, STM clutch’s, 20″ and 40″ dual row led lights, 5 pipe snorkel system with belt housing blower and thermostat, lithium ion main battery, underbody led lights, nerd bars, computer reflash, aluminum roof and more.
It is rare that you get the opportunity to do a job like this and learn so many things in the process. Modifying a new machine like this is a challenge do to fact that there hasn’t been a lot of testing done for the changes, like the engine and engine management system. It was fun and stressful at the same time. The clutching, fueling and intake have been the biggest challenge. The added wording for the stereo and lighting took a week to complete. The customer wanted bad ass and he got it. It’s not easy going from a customer telling you he doesn’t need brakes because he doesn’t want to spend the money for them and blows out his back window of his beautiful truck when he loaded it, to a unlimited budget to do what ever you want and get the best products available. Along with this unlimited budget comes the responsibility of getting the job done right.


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