The new generation of ATV’s

These new ATV’s that are coming out are starting to get like cars. Big computers, electronic throttle systems, catalytic converters, O2 sensors and dash boards like a plane. This all makes it hard for a none dealer shop to work on or modify when you can’t get or afford the software that is required to see the problems with the system. The nice thing that they have retained is that you can pull codes out of the display’s and have a idea where to look. I just ran into a problem were I can’t adjust the idle on a electronic throttle body after Installing a Big Bore kit and Cams. There is ways around it, take it to a dealer and pay them to adjust it through there computer, or if it isn’t to far off, add a air valve to the intake with a filter between the throttle body and engine or if to high, adjust the primary clutch spring so the trans doesn’t turn. All this said, make sure before you order aftermarket mods that they have been tested and the supplier can tell you what to do to make the mods work properly. Call them first and see what is in tailed with doing the mods. You can do mechanical mods but will the electronic system work with the mods. Also don’t assume that what you see on a given website is for your application, for instance I ordered a 1000 big bore kit and some cams for a side by side and found out that it has only been tested on the ATV 1000 not the side by side 1000. You would think it is the same motor like we are used to seeing in the past,(Rhino engine the same as the Grizzly with a few exceptions to external parts) but in this case it isn’t. The heads are different on the ATV verses the side by side. The aftermarket cams for the ATV did not work in the side by side. So do your research, call the supplier, read forums for people that have done the mods and by all means know what you are getting into. If you are doing engine mods, always check your clearances with aftermarket parts. I did not do any damage to the engine with the wrong cams because I did all my clearance checks but the engine just didn’t run right.


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